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Our management starts from our customer’s happiness.

GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL acknowledges that carrying out economic and legal responsibilities as well as physical ones expected as conventional wisdom is a company’s basic duties, and it is our behavioral principle to comply with business ethics autonomously.
It is our ultimate goal to maximize economic value added and enhance our company’s competitiveness with ethical standards, not to be just ‘a moral company’.
Ethical management is essential for a company to survive and secure its competitiveness in 21st century, not just a matter of choice. It is up to us what kind of a company we will be and what kind of a reputation we could enjoy, even though there are a lot of difficulties for us to survive and grow up, from both inside and outside, in our long journey of success.
All employees of GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL appreciate changing our reputation from our customers, local community and our colleagues is depending on how we do, and will overcome difficulties.