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The human resource management

GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL is trying to create value by managing the members of the company under the belief “A company is a man and a company could be grown up by a man”.
The competitive weapons in 21st century are knowledge and creativity. It is not too much to say that the success of the company is depending on how to motivate its members to achieve results effectively since coming up with groundbreaking idea can add up to the company’s profit.
The importance of human resources has been emphasized increasingly in the digital, internet and e-business evolution in 21st century.
GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL believes that creativity and professionality of each member is the driving force to improve the company’s value as well as its sustained growth.

Knowledge management

The knowledge management is the one of GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL’s management principle that let us accumulate know-how and do management activity based on creativity by which are connected with the core strategy that makes the organization grown up constantly and improve its competitiveness(services), and we are seeking the constant growth and the improvement of organization through integrating business performance and innovative activity with knowledge activity to provide knowledge-intensive products and services. For this reason above, GREEN OCEAN CHEMICAL have had an organization and a system that make the knowledge management linked with business firstly.
Secondly, we are trying to create the knowledge culture such as in-house study and vitalizing discussions by operating online knowledge management system. Finally, we have been coping with issues actively with knowledge resources from external environment like public and private institutions, and internal ones.