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   Lubricant Oil

Green Ocean Chemical has purchased about 300 kinds of high quality lubricants from GS Caltex and exported to Mexico from 2018.
Green Ocean Chemical is currently working to diversify export areas since it first started exporting to Monterey, Mexico.
In 2019, the company plans to expand its sales areas to Mexico City near Monterey, and to enter the U.S. market based on stable sales in Mexico and secure a sales network covering North and Central America.

   Lubricants Overview

Kixx Lubricating oil manufacturing
Base Oil: Classification - Mineral Base Oil, Synthetic Base Oil/ Main functions: viscosity and low temperature characteristics, additive solubility, evaporation reduction, oxidation stability

Kixx Lubricating oil products
Kixx Lubricanting oil products "PCMO/HDDO Engine oil, transmission/excel oil, Hydraulic oil, industrial oil, grease Marine oil etc." consist of about 300 products.
Green Ocean Chemical is seeking to enter the U.S. market based on a stable Mexican market and will gradually expand its supply areas to Japan and Africa in the future.

Green Ocean Chemical is carrying forward to enter USA market based on the stable sales in Mexican market, and will expend supply area to Japan, Africa market and others in the future.