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CEO Message

As a trusted Eco and Business Solution Provider,
GreenOcean extends an invitation to join us in crafting a new
era of advancement. Together, we can actualize the unique value
embedded in our business model.
Will you join us on this journey
to shape a future that is both sustainable and innovative?

Dear Valued Customers,
We extend our heartfelt greetings to you. GreenOcean is humbled to embark on a new chapter through endeavors in the composite resin market and customer expansion projects. Our journey, fueled by a resilient network of global corporate partnerships, has seen us evolve into a business solutions partner, placing emphasis on
petroleum-based chemical products and nurturing customer relationships.

In this process, we've gained a profound awareness of the environmental and social importance of eco-friendly composite resins, particularly in the recycling of discarded plastic materials. Beyond mere cost-cutting, we have embraced the ethos of a circular economy, contributing to the upcycling of waste materials. While acknowledging the challenges ahead and the considerable distance still to be covered, we are steadfastly moving forward, aspiring towards a better world.

Since 2022, we have diligently worked on forging strategic partnerships with esteemed Japanese companies, aiming to build symbiotic relationships and create new business opportunities between our nations. As Eco-Solution Providers and Business Solution Providers, our commitment lies in realizing the distinctive value of our business model.

GreenOcean looks forward to a new leap, anticipating your continued support as we earnestly strive to create the utmost value for you, our esteemed customers.
Thank you for entrusting us with the opportunity to serve you.

With gratitude,