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Biochemical business

Eco-friendly bio-processing

GreenOcean's products are developed through eco-friendly bio-processes to provide customers with environmental and skin-friendly benefits.

2,3-BDO is

Although it exists naturally, such as cheese, wine, and fruit, it is expanding to global markets by combining the technology of specialized companies and the marketing strategy of GreenOcean.

Green Ocean's 2,3-BDO is

It is applied not only to eco-friendly products such as pesticides and fertilizers,
but also to cosmetics and healthcare products.
We are also producing eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizer products with non-toxic and
non-irritating properties.

GreenOcean is

We are currently developing a new product by incorporating biodegradable materials into
our plastic packaging to meet ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) requirements.

Join Green Ocean for forward-thinking biochemical solutions! Experience the vision of
environmentally conscious cosmetics, sustainable plastics, and the green ocean!