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Machinery/Aerospace Business

Aviation offsets solutions

We are establishing an industrial cooperation system with leading aerospace companies in South Korea to facilitate aircraft export offsets.

We are collaborating with domestic and international global trading firms and customers to negotiate optimal export trade-off solutions.

s a registered company engaged in petroleum export-import operations and aviation fuel sales, we handle various aviation
fuels (JP-5, JP-8) and marine fuels (MGO, LSFO) suitable for the operational environment of various aircraft and vessels.
We are engaged in developing overseas aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) business, as well as providing consulting services for aviation mission equipment.

Offset trade items: Palm oil, PKS (Palm Kernel Shells), tin, mining development, etc.

Plant industry

We are establishing a cooperative system with SPP, a specialized precision machinery company in Japan, and undertaking projects in the plant industry
such as energy/power generation facilities and boilers.

Providing consulting services

We offer consulting services aimed at maximizing value for customers in advanced medical devices that integrate machinery, electrical, and control technologies
from Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) subsidiaries in Japan, as well as for customers requiring semiconductor manufacturing equipment and logistics systems.