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Steel/material business

Supplying products and providing solutions

We have secured the supply chain of eco-friendly branded products from POSCO and Hyundai Steel, both of which possess global market competitiveness.
We are committed to providing optimal solutions for creating the highest value for overseas top-tier customers and expanding the market.

Industry sectors : Automotive, Construction, Energy, Industrial Machinery

Product categories : Semi-finished products, Bars and rods, Hot-rolled, Plates, Cold-rolled, Coated products, Pipes, Stainless steel

OEM Development

We are actively pursuing OEM development with Japanese automotive and parts companies, responding proactively to the evolving customer demands.



Development & sales of Advanced materials

We collaborate on supplying advanced materials products based on Japan's technological competitiveness, as well as contributing to the domestic

development of stealth coatings for aircraft and the localization of polymer.
We have established distribution agreements with KCC, serving as distributors for their paints both domestically and internationally, and that we are
actively working towards expanding our product range and diversifying our market.