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Polymer Business

Development and Production of Polymer

We directly develop and produce (including OEM/ODM) polymer materials that meet the required physical properties of parts applied to automobiles and home appliances with our partners who have know-how in developing polymer.

Eco-friendly recycled resin

We are sourcing, developing, and selling eco-friendly recycled resin, which is sourced from collected, shredded, sorted, and extruded post-consumer plastics. In our pursuit of ESG management, we tackle global challenges such as developing bio-mass plastics and obtaining GRS certification.

Polymer product development and sales

We are performing the role of development and sales agents to facilitate the entry of various polymer product lines, including resins and polymers, into desired
markets as requested by our suppliers.

Greenocean Chemical is

currently in discussions with global companies, both domestic and international, to collaborate on tailored global development projects with no geographical

limitations. This includes collaborating with Japanese automotive OEM companies and numerous Tier-1 suppliers to address customer-specific needs.

Supplying eco-friendly materials for automotive applications

We provide timely services through close collaboration with global customers from resin development stages to mass production,
to meet the demands for downsizing, lightweighting, and durability required by Japanese automotive companies for eco-friendly materials supply.

Safe product development

We pursue customer safety by developing and applying eco-friendly plastics that are free from harmful substances
such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc., while also contributing to environmental sustainability through resource recycling.