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Talents that We Seek

People who strive to create new value forcustomers and challenge the world's leading technologies!
Those who achieve high value-added results and move towards an eco-friendly society together!
We are the GreenOcean Team.

    The Innovative GreenOcean Team
    Pioneering the future and dedicated to creating the highest value for our customers,
    we proactively anticipate and prepare for customer needs, embodying a steadfast service mindset.
    We actively engage in and contribute to innovative value creation activities, demonstrating a
    commitment to customer service excellence.
    The Adventurous GreenOcean Team
    Pursuing world-class technology with a proactive spirit, we are individuals equipped
    with international sensibilities and capabilities. We lead the way in the innovative changes of
    cutting-edge technology, driven by a pioneering spirit, never giving up and persistently
    driving forward until the end.
    The Collaborative GreenOcean Team
    To foster harmony in diversity and collaboration among team members, we seek individuals with a
    global mindset and compassion. As societal contributors, they fulfill the role and responsibilities
    of encouraging and leading others, promoting a cooperative and harmonious environment within
    the organization.