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Eco-friendly Mechanical Recycling business

"Green Ocean Chemicals is expanding its eco-friendly
mechanical recycling resin business in line with the trend of resource circulation.
Through collaborative efforts between polymer and recycling businesses, we aim to grow as an eco-total solution provider.
We have obtained GRS certification (March '23) and ISCC Plus certification (December '23), meeting international recycling standards,
and are actively pursuing entry into global markets."

Active pursuit of creating customer value

Actively driving customer value creation through strategic partnerships with domestic and international expert companies.

  • Securing eco-friendly
    recycling technology
  • Securing mass production
    capability through facility
  • Establishing global cooperation
    system and networking
  • Providing customer-tailored
    eco-friendly solutions

Securing supply stability and development expertise

Through collaboration between companies with long-term accumulated expertise in the development and production of eco-friendly materials,
we aim to ensure supply stability of recycled materials and enhance development expertise.

  • Green Ocean Chemical

    Green Ocean Chemical (Seoul Gang-Nam)

    Sales & Marketing

    Green Ocean Solution/Shipping/Eco-Plastic

  • Gyeongbuk Alliance Strategic Partnership

    '23 Joint Venture(RUSO/CM/RK/RecyclePIA/GreenOcean)

    Eco-Friendly Polymer Production Plant (Standard PL, Engineering PL)


    ETAPOL Chung-Nam Yeosan

    Eco-Friendly Polymer Production Plant (Standard PL)

Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership with domestic companies specializing in polymer and eco-friendly recycled products.