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Corporate Philosophy

GreenOcean provides value to customers through

creative solutions and innovative services.

GreenOcean is
signifies an industry that prioritizes environmentally friendly values as a core
competitive factor to achieve sustainable growth economically, environmentally, and socially.
This involves creating new markets and added value.
Green Ocean executives
and employees are
committed to establishing and adhering to proactive corporate ethical norms that recognize
ethical responsibilities at the economic, legal, and societal levels. This encompasses fulfilling social
responsibilities and solidarity obligations in accordance with ESG management, as well as
establishing and concretizing new principles for environmental values. The company is
dedicated to advancing the establishment and development of the eco-friendly industry.
GreenOcean Group is
committed to playing the role of a Business Solution Provider by offering new solutions
and values to our clients and business processes through creative solutions and innovative
services. Our aim is to create global value through this approach.